Privacy policy
About this privacy policy
AmmaCreative is a service (hereinafter “AmmaCreative” or the “service”) provided by AmmaCreative AS. References to “we” and “us” below refer to the company AmmaCreative AS. The purpose of the service is to give an immediate overview of when creative professionals are available, so that freelancers can be booked in a simple and efficient way. To gain access to the service, you must create a user profile, whether you are a freelancer who wants to offer your services through AmmaCreative or if you are employed by a company who wants to use AmmaCreative to get an overview of and book freelancers for assignments. In order to provide the service, we will process your personal data, such as your name and contact details. Your personal data will be processed in accordance with applicable privacy regulations and this privacy policy. Apart from your name and contact information, you are free to decide what data/information you wish to register on your user profile. Please note that some of your personal data will be visible for other users of the service.
What personal data will be processed and our responsibility
In order to use the service, you have to create a user profile. When creating the user profile, you must enter the following personal data: - Name - Email - Phone number - Residence (country and city)

Your name and residence will be visible and searchable for all users of AmmaCreative, both freelancers and other users of the service. Your contact details such as e-mail address and phone number will also be visible to other users, unless you choose to hide this information by adjusting this on your user profile.
Other personal data
You can choose to register your CV and information about your education, previous work experience, photos, videos, date of birth etc., in order to make your profile more attractive to those looking to book freelancers for assignments. Such personal data will be visible to all other users of AmmaCreative. If you are a freelancer and would like to offer your services and make yourself available for booking through AmmaCreative, you can share your calendar with us so that we can have access to view, change, delete and save your calendar details. We need access to such rights in order to see when you are available, so that you may be booked for assignments and control your own calendar our website. Other users of the service will only have information as to whether you are available or not, and they will never get access to your event details. Sharing your calendar is voluntary, and your availability will be visible to all users of AmmaCreative. The legal basis for the processing of your personal data mentioned in this section 1.2, is your consent. You may deactivate your account at any time by contacting us at Your personal data will only be stored as long as your user account is active. AmmaCreative AS is responsible for the processing of personal information processed in connection with the use of the service, as well as the information we use to keep statistics on how the service is used.
Sharing of personal information
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GoogleEmail and file storage
Rights of the data subject
As a data subject, you may require access to, correction of and/or deletion of any personal data that we have stored about you. If your consent is the legal basis for our processing of your personal data, you may at any time withdraw your consent by contacting us. You are entitled to complain to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority (Datatilsynet) about how we process personal data.
The use of cookies
We use cookies to enable the service to work optimally and to register how the service is used. We also use cookies for analytical and statistical purposes. For further information, please see our cookie policy.
Contact information to the data controller
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