Diversity and Inclusion

The narrative of humanity is written from multiple perspectives. As a platform we acknowledge our responsibility to ensure all stories are told.

As storymakers we create narratives that shine a light on humanity. The life experiences of different people from across the world are at the heart of our industry, so it’s only right everyone has the opportunity to tell their story both on and off screen. This begins at the very start of the production process and goes all the way through.

As a platform facilitating the creation of brilliant productions, the power for change lies on our doorstep - a responsibility that we don’t take lightly. We believe in proactivity over reactivity, which is why we are taking actions to push the industry into a place of equal opportunity and accessibility for all.

Here’s what we’re doing: Internally, we’re working to ensure that the people behind AmmaCreative are representative of different groups, and as a team e are constantly evaluating and evolving practices for a more inclusive workplace and industry On the platform, we are committed to only working with partners who have a tangible diversity strategy and in place. We’re also putting in more resource toward ensuring our marketing, content and the platform itself are inclusive and accessible for all Lastly, we believe ourselves (and all those positioned in the industry) have a responsibility toward the betterment of the industry as a whole. Which means engaging in learning and education. Which is why we are committed to delivering and taking part in discussions that will improve the state of the industry

If you have any thoughts or suggestions to share with us, we’d love to hear them. Reach us here and we’ll be very happy to chat with you further: hello@ammacreative.com